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Your Data's Safety Net

Never Lose A Single File Again Out Task’s Office 365 Backup

While Microsoft takes care of physical security in their data centers, data accountability still lies with the customer. Our Office 365 Backup  Software prioritizes security, trust, and privacy. We protect against outages, attacks and errors to keep your important data safe in Microsoft 365 Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams with our all-in-one solution.

The Purpose And Benefits Of Having An Office 365 Backup

Office 365 Backup Software

Keep Ransomware At Bay

Gain complete control over your Microsoft 365 data with local backups. Keep a copy of your Microsoft 365 data offline and on-premises to ensure that your backups are secure from cyber threats.

Microsoft 365 Backup Solution

Save Time On Backups

Microsoft 365 backups are incremental after the initial full backup. For Exchange Online and Teams data, the solution relies on Microsoft’s native change tracking technology. This speeds up the identification of changes and the backup process.

Office 365 Backup Services

Lower Recovery Times

Recover exactly what you need in seconds, without performing a full recovery of an entire user account. Simply select the recovery point, browse the contents, and choose the item and where you want to recover it.

Microsoft 365 Backup And Recovery

Simple Administration

Get a simple web interface and intuitive step-by-step wizards, making it easy to manage data protection for all your workloads, including Microsoft Office 365 data backup and recovery, from a single pane of glass.

Backup Solution for Business

Easily Find What You Need

Whether you need to provide information to meet regulatory compliance requirements or fulfill e-discovery requests, the centralized view of your backups and advanced search capabilities make it easy to locate and retrieve the necessary data in onsite Microsoft backups.

Microsoft 365 backup and restoration solution

Flexible Data Retention

Set up flexible retention policies that give you full control of your Microsoft 365 backup data. With up to 4,000 recovery points that can be rotated daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, you can store your backup data for as long as you need.

Office 365 Data Protection

Recover Your Data When You Need It

Whether it's customer information, financial records, or important documents, the loss of data can be catastrophic. With Our Office 365 Backup and restoration solution you can easily locate and retrieve the necessary data to meet regulatory requirements or fulfill e-discovery requests. 

Maintain Compliance

Maintain Compliance

Office 365 Data Protection rules and compliance needs are getting stricter.We will help you follow the rules by providing a Microsoft 365 backup solution that ensures your data is safe and easily accessible. This mean your business is safe from fines and reputational damage

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Office 365 Backup?

Office 365 Backup is a solution that protects your Microsoft 365 data, including Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, from loss due to accidental deletion, corruption, or cyber threats.

Why Do I Need Office 365 Backup?

It provides an extra layer of protection for your data, ensuring it's recoverable in case of any mishaps or cyberattacks.

How Does Office 365 Backup Work?

It regularly backs up your Microsoft 365 data to a secure offsite location, using incremental backups to save only changes made since the last backup.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Office 365 Backup?

It ensures data protection, simplifies recovery, helps meet compliance needs, and saves costs by reducing the risk of data loss.

Does Office 365 Have Backups?

No, Microsoft 365 does not offer comprehensive backups. It's recommended to use a third-party solution like Office 365 Backup for complete data protection.

How Do I Backup My Microsoft 365 Account?

Use a third-party backup solution like Office 365 Backup, which regularly backs up your Microsoft 365 data to a secure offsite location.

Which Microsoft 365 Applications Can Be Backed Up?

Office 365 Backup can back up Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams data.

Can I Backup Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are not part of Microsoft 365 and are typically installed on your local computer. They may have their own backup and recovery features.

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